Mori Girl Monday


To make things easy I’ve decided to start with a themed post. Today’s theme is Mori Girl Monday!

I’ve been really inspired by mori girl fashion and the whole idea behind it lately. I grew up in a home nestled amongst the trees on a mountain so this fashion really speaks to me. Honestly, it wasn’t until very recently (maybe December?) that I knew it was a thing.

I was trying to make sense of my style and started searching the interweb for inspiration and organizing tips. Somehow I came across mori girl and my brain instantly wanted to take it and darken it. Then I saw this:


It’s posted to DollOfTheForest’s tumblr. (Link:

So now I suppose I’ll go over one of my favorite mori girl inspired outfits. I don’t actually have a picture of me in this one. . .but I’ll break it down using similar images. I wore this outfit a couple of times during the winter months. It was really warm and comfy.



Outline of my Coord: Black Turtleneck, Gray Bubble-hem Dress, Black leggings or Black Maxi Skirt (sometimes both), Black Cardigan, Scarf (Usually black or black with a gray skull print), Boots, Gray Legwarmers (sometimes)

The Dress:

Example 1 is from ebay (no longer listed)


Example 2 is by Mihara Yasuhiro (


My dress is somewhere in between these two I suppose. The material is really soft, more of a cotton flannel. . .It kind of looks like two pieces and has cap sleeves and a V neck. By two pieces I mean. . .It looks like a fitted gray t shirt dress under a loose bubble-hem halter dress. So instead of pockets it has more of a big ol’ pouch. It’s really neat.


That’s one of my favorite winter mori inspired outfits. Probably the first one I wore as well. I miss winter already and it hasn’t even gotten warm here yet despite already being May.

Oh well. . .Feel free to comment! I would love to hear about how you got into mori fashion and if you can remember your first mori style outfit.


Begin at the Beginning


Good evening. =D

My name is Jackie.

I am currently a student…though that will be ending for awhile in less than two weeks. My passion is to study history and other cultures. I quite enjoy fashion, video games, and cooking as well.

I’m starting this blog to share and explore my passions and maybe connect with others along the way.

With that being said. . .feel free to leave comments!

I shall leave you with a relaxing sunset photo I took last summer of a lighthouse off the coast of Maine.