Mori Girl Monday


To make things easy I’ve decided to start with a themed post. Today’s theme is Mori Girl Monday!

I’ve been really inspired by mori girl fashion and the whole idea behind it lately. I grew up in a home nestled amongst the trees on a mountain so this fashion really speaks to me. Honestly, it wasn’t until very recently (maybe December?) that I knew it was a thing.

I was trying to make sense of my style and started searching the interweb for inspiration and organizing tips. Somehow I came across mori girl and my brain instantly wanted to take it and darken it. Then I saw this:


It’s posted to DollOfTheForest’s tumblr. (Link:

So now I suppose I’ll go over one of my favorite mori girl inspired outfits. I don’t actually have a picture of me in this one. . .but I’ll break it down using similar images. I wore this outfit a couple of times during the winter months. It was really warm and comfy.



Outline of my Coord: Black Turtleneck, Gray Bubble-hem Dress, Black leggings or Black Maxi Skirt (sometimes both), Black Cardigan, Scarf (Usually black or black with a gray skull print), Boots, Gray Legwarmers (sometimes)

The Dress:

Example 1 is from ebay (no longer listed)


Example 2 is by Mihara Yasuhiro (


My dress is somewhere in between these two I suppose. The material is really soft, more of a cotton flannel. . .It kind of looks like two pieces and has cap sleeves and a V neck. By two pieces I mean. . .It looks like a fitted gray t shirt dress under a loose bubble-hem halter dress. So instead of pockets it has more of a big ol’ pouch. It’s really neat.


That’s one of my favorite winter mori inspired outfits. Probably the first one I wore as well. I miss winter already and it hasn’t even gotten warm here yet despite already being May.

Oh well. . .Feel free to comment! I would love to hear about how you got into mori fashion and if you can remember your first mori style outfit.


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