Monday Munchie


Today I think I will share a recipe. The weather has been kind of crappy since I moved into the apartment which makes me want to try cooking new things. I’m not sure why. But it looks like it might actually start to get nice outside (of course I’ll be too busy working to spend time at any of the bazillion beaches I live right next to. . . XD)

Anyhoooo. This recipe is for an awesome sauce that I made to go over filet mignon. I suppose it would work well with most things, but I like it best over red meats.

I originally referenced it from here:

Seriously. . .this lady is so bad ass she calls herself Dragon.

I didn’t take a picture of the final result for this (I was too hungry) but with my recipe it will come out a nice medium, creamy brown color.

You will need:

About 2 tblsp Butter

Some Red Wine (I used a blend on the sweeter side by Middle Sister)

Fresh garlic (I used about 3 for two filets but I loooooove garlic)

1/4 Cup Coffee

1/8 Cup Cream

Black Pepper


Drippings from the meat (if using meat)



If you are roasting your meat or it needs more than a few minutes to cook then cook it first and let it rest while you make the sauce. However, for this recipe I’m going through what I did for filet mignon (which I like on the rare side) so I waited to cook it until last.

Melt your butter and lightly fry up your garlic in it over low-medium heat.

Up the heat to medium-high and splash in some red wine. Enough to just barely cover the bottom of a medium sized pan.

Let the alcohol evaporate (about a minute or so).

Add your coffee, then turn down the heat to just under medium and add your cream and seasonings.

Let this all simmer for a bit, adjusting the heat if necessary for your stove, while you cook up your meat. Then plate your meat and scrape the drippings into the sauce and let it come together while your meat rests for a minute or two.

Pour that glorious stuff all over your meat. And possibly your potatoes if you have them.


Enjoy! =D Let me know how my recipe turns out for you.




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