The weather has been perfect. Just the right amount of chill to turn the leaves and send the bugs away so my other half and I can take nice long hikes.

Last Sunday we visited nearby Bradbury Mountain.

It was so lovely but also very crowded. The view from the summit was still gorgeous, despite all the people, and the park is so big that once you’re on the trails you rarely come across other hikers.

We plan on visiting again in the spring. The mountain is supposed to be a great spot to watch hawks then. I guess they like to mate there. I can understand why. Seriously, it was super beautiful.


I love hawks. They are supposed to be very loyal and friendly birds. They have long been hunting partners and companions for people, much like dogs.

I like what they represent as well. They’re known for being keen-eyed and observant. This has translated into them symbolizing insight and perceptiveness. It is my dad’s spirit animal.

I’ve been wanting a hawk tattoo for some time. A couple years actually. I almost have the design I want pinned down. Maybe I should save up and plan to get it after I see them in the spring, as a kind of commemoration.



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