Late New Year


This might be a bit late since January is almost over but the opening of the year was especially hectic for me. Yaaay for working in accounting…..xp.

I had the best holiday season I think I’ve ever had. The other and I went to see our families in the beginning of December to do gift exchanges. We made baskets to present to everyone and gave them a rustic coastal Maine theme. They were a big hit.

I wish I had taken the time to take better pictures of our Christmas tree. We got a real one that made the apartment smell wonderful. We also got a wreath and decorated it. It’s so pretty we haven’t taken it down yet.

(I’m using my phone for this but I’ll add a picture later)

Christmas day we stayed in and listened to music and spent time cooking and just being happy. There were presents too. I love well thought out gifts. (*˘︶˘*)

….I actually might enjoy giving them more though. I always put waaay too much time into my gifts. Even if they’re  just little.

For New Year’s the other took me to the beach. There was a big bonfire where everyone burned their Christmas trees and drank hot cocoa. After a bit they had fireworks! It was beautiful. I love fireworks. It felt really special to watch them on the beach in winter.

I know it’s corny but while I watched the smoke from the trees spiral up into the night sky I couldn’t help but see it as happiness and good cheer, absorbed into the wood during the holidays. I imagined it travelling, maybe to places far away, to where other people needed it more than we do.

To me, that’s what the holidays are about. It’s not about getting the fanciest gift but about sharing happiness and hope. So with that, and I know it’s a bit late, I hope you had a great holiday and I wish you the best New Year.