Well, less than a year between posts this time. I really want to be better at this.

Every time I feel like I’m getting settled something else happens. Apparently I’m now a business owner. I also have a niece on the way in two weeks on top of a multitude of other things.

Every time I think of something I want to post I’m not on front of a computer or I’m too busy to write anything anyways. But enough excuses!


It needs to rain more. I feel more productive on days where the New England fog takes over and I can wrap myself up in layers of fabric.

But the weather is already turning here and soon even the sunniest of days will mean sweaters and scarves.

Recently I’ve become more inspired by gyaru fashions (still heavily a grungey dark mori kid though). I saw this outfit in from an Ageha spread while looking for officewear ideas and just had to recreate it


I have really similar pants from JCPENNEY so I threw those on with a loose tank and a black long cardigan. Normally I wouldn’t have pair these pants with the long cardigan but it really worked. To my surprise  I got a lot of compliments on my outfit. More importantly it was super comfy (and warm since my office is kept at a balmy 15 degrees fahrenheit) while still being work appropriate.

Perhaps I’ll take pictures of that outfit at some point and post it here. Fingers crossed.

the batkid