I often hear people say “Writing is hard.” Hell, I say it. But I think this statement is often wrong. Or rather, it’s not what is meant.

Writing is hard but it’s a skill that can be learned. It’s never been the actual writing that I find hard. In fact, I find it enjoyable.

Yet, I’ve written post after post and scrapped them all.


Obviously thinking about writing.


It’s not a lack of confidence (I think I’m the fucking bees knees, thank you very much). It’s not that I dislike what I’ve written or what I’ve chosen to write about. No. It’s a fear of exposure.

It’s fucking stage fright.

Not because I’m afraid that someone might criticize my work. I’ve been through college and have participated in public performance. I even keep an active Instagram (@thehalfwingedbatkid follow that shit).

But there’s something so much more personal about writing. It’s not just pictures of shit I think is cool (like my face hurr hurr hurr). It’s my voice. It’s me.

So why am I blogging?

Because I want to write. I have thoughts, opinions, and stories that I want to share. Isn’t that why we write in the first place? With every post (despite them being few and far between) I eat away at that stage fright so I can get down to what I really enjoy. And maybe I’ll write something that is helpful or that you enjoy, too.


Oh, you’re still here. =D

Well then. . . .anyways!